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Launch Date: March 31, 2012

WebSiteBid Overview

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Web Development, Design or Programming Solutions for your Web Project Managers or Developers!

Website Bid is based on timing (ASAP or 1-4 weeks), level of experience (Expert. Professional or Associate) and Budget.

WebSiteBid.com Bid for Budget, ASAP Timing, Expert to Associate

This is your total solution - Bid / Negotiable / Fast


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Where as most companies display a list of testimonies and screenshot images of their portfolios, the combined portfolios of our freelance-to-employee web developers reach beyond the thousands.  The bidding feature and Platform allows our customers Expert Professional qualified and quantified previews for each within their individual portfolio web pages.  In addition, to this day, no existing companies provide the options for bidding based on different selections which directly impact your bottom dollar, your budget. 


Outsource your Website Design and Development with Confidence

Any size company, or individual, will benefit from the total solutions combined in our WebSiteBid Platform.  

Through the years we have all experienced road blocks during developing.  To overcome the budgeting issues and completion of services on-time, the bidding process is simple and effective for personal use or for providing estimates for your clients.


Development Project Estimating for your Clients


Though WebHostBid is automated and immediate estimates are provided upon completion of submitting a bid, WebSiteBid is more involved and requires a personal touch from an expert developer to assess.

The bidding process regarding ASAP, immediate service and action, is effective for getting the proposal in your hands as fast as possible.  For first time users ASAP option will not be available without a $5 fee to be used toward the required services.  Returning members are able to request any level of service because they have been previously verified.  However, WebSiteBid is a free service with an estimate provided within 24 hours.

In the case when a client is not satisfied with an estimate, which was based on ASAP completion, the negotiable estimate can be modified to accommodate client's budget by considering other factors; such as, time and level of experience required.

Furthermore, when the client paid for the ASAP $5 fee without having prior history or validating their membership, and the client is not satisfied with the estimate then the $5 StarCredit can be used in the future for other services or when their budget is increased.

However, IF the ASAP bid is only for project estimating, a simple check box will bypass the $5 fee, and the bid estimate will be provided within 24 hours.

Proposals and estimates provided have a 30-day price guarantee.  So, working with your clients will give you the time to factor in your fees and get started.

$5 for 10 Minutes StarCredits - get yours now or review the Platform
for Immediate LIVE Programming Solutions

NDA and IP Protection


Upon accepting an estimate, client's who require non-disclosure agreements can either provide their own or use our NDA during or anytime after the bidding process.


Levels of Bidding for Website Design, Development and Programming


How Soon - Time

Experience Level


ASAP Expert Budget +++
1-2 Weeks Professional Budget ++
3-4 Weeks Associate Budget +

For those on a shoe-string budget, waiting 4-8 weeks for project completion, submit the bid and we will provide you an excellent solution to help finish your project with perfect programming!

Cost Factor



Expert Project Managers are Assigned to all Solutions

  • Provide Estimates

  • Sole Expert Developer(s) when Required by Client

  • Guaranteed Completion Date

  • Guaranteed Budget / Cost

  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Web Expert Project Managers oversee and delegate project programming responsibilities when clients in all cases, even when client's require the lowest possible fee; Associate-to-Professional Development transition for maintaining budget and professional services.

Your selection of the developer's experience level is based on existing portfolios and skills.

Expert 250+ Projects Completed and/or Proficient / Experience most Skills; 20,000 hours minimal experience

Professional 100+ Projects Completed with knowledgeable experience in most skills; 10,000 hours minimal experience

Associate 40+ Projects Completed with at least three main skills and knowledgeable in other skills; 5,000 hours minimal experience in main skill


Team Management, New or Current Website


Need a Web Project Manager? Bid it!  What ever your development needs are we can help with the combined Platforms of WebSiteBid, WebHostBid, and WebAppBid, along with the LIVE immediate technical support you have been waiting for!


If you want a do-it-yourself web hosting service, check out HostGator:

Freelancer Contracting

Working as a freelancer is useful in many ways but to fully benefit from the opportunities through StartUpClub and our portfolio of applications currently under development, a freelancer must become a co-founder or a service-based employee with capital or a service-based relationship. However, standard Freelancers will benefit greatly as well.

Our Freelance Contracting Website Developers will create 10 different homepages that will be voted into use.  The first 10 out of 100 web designs developed specific to our website will be displayed.  Designs selected will allow the Freelancer an employment position. Of the 10 designs, 3 most popular designs will be for public voting and selecting the new format and design for WebSiteBid. see Freelancer contracting benefits


1Introductory rates through 12-12-12 are 50% off and are subject to change.  Normal rates will be $5 for 5 minutes LIVE Solutions




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